LDAP Directorate

The LDAP Directorate provides expert review of LDAP I-Ds produced by individuals or non-LDAP working groups to Apps ADs, WG chairs, and IESG/IAB members. The Directorate may also provide (as time permits) guidance to authors of LDAP I-Ds. The Directorate consists of experts selected by Application Area ADs (with input from LDAP-related WG chairs). Individuals who wish to participate should contact that Application Area directors.

The directorate is not a formal review body; the IESG has that role. Therefore, comments made by the directorate have no more weight than those made by individual IETF participants. The directorate is best thought of as a convenient way to contact a group of LDAP experts within the IETF.

The directorate currently consists of:

Ted Hardie
Roland Hedberg
Steven Legg
Chris Newman
Mark Smith
Kurt Zeilenga
Ludovic Poitou
Leif Johansson 

WG Chairs and individuals responsible for LDAP-related I-Ds are urged to request review early in the review process of an I-D.

The directorate can be contacted by sending e-mail to <ldap-dir@ietf.org>.