Apps-Review Template

This page provides a template for reviews provided by members of the Apps-Review Team.
Reviewers: Please send all reviews to the apps-discuss list (not to the apps-review list) and to the ".all" tools alias for the specification you are reviewing (see below)!  In cases where your review recommends significant changes to a working-group document, you should also consider copying the working group's mailing list.! You might also want to check out some samples, such as the reviews of draft-wahl-ldap-p3p, draft-ietf-btns-c-api, draft-ietf-calsify-2446bis, draft-merrick-jms-uri, and draft-dusseault-http-patch-15.

Suggested distribution list for reviews:

I have been selected as the Applications Area Review Team reviewer for this draft (for background on apps-review, please see
Please resolve these comments along with any other Last Call comments you may receive. Please wait for direction from your document shepherd or AD before posting a new version of the draft.
Document: [document name, such as draft-foo-bar-baz]
Title: [document title]
Reviewer: [your name here]
Review Date: [today's date or the date of your review]
IETF Last Call Date: [include if known]
IESG Telechat Date: [include if known]
Summary: [Provide a one-sentence summary of the review. Examples include "This draft is ready for publication as an Experimental RFC", "This draft is almost ready for publication as an Informational RFC but has a few issues that should be fixed before publication", and "This draft is not ready for publication as a Proposed Standard and should be revised before publication".]
Major Issues: [list any major issues such as security concerns, preferably by section number]
Minor Issues: [list any minor issues such as text that is unclear or confusing, preferably by section number]
Nits: [list editorial issues such as typographical errors, preferably by section number]