Applications Area Review Team

The Applications Area Review Team has been replaced by the Applications Area Directorate.

The Applications Area Review Team provides semi-formal reviews of Internet-Drafts as a way to improve the quality of IETF specifications. Naturally, the "apps-review" team focuses on issues of interest to the Applications Area, whereas similar review teams within the IETF (e.g., the General Area Review Team, Security Directorate, and XML Directorate) provide feedback regarding other topics. We typically review most I-Ds produced in the Apps, RAI, and security areas that have an impact on or are similar to technologies produced in the Apps Area. Our reviews are intended to:

  • Make sure that technologies developed in the Applications Area or about which AppsArea participants have expertise (URIs/IRIs, MIME, XML, IDNA, Stringprep, etc.) are used appropriately in other areas.
  • Determine the impact on AppsArea work of technologies produced in other areas (DNS, TLS, SASL, etc.).
  • Sort out layering issues and preserve a clear division of responsibilities among various application protocols.
  • Maintain high standards of application-layer security, ensure close attention to issues of internationalization and localization, etc.

To request a review, please contact the Review Team Lead (currently S. Moonesamy) or the Applications Area Directors.

The team uses the members-only apps-review list for internal discussion, but reviews are sent to the public apps-discuss list. Reviews typically take the form described in the template. A tracker page provides a history of completed reviews.

The members of the team are selected from the IETF community, especially from among active participants and recognized experts in the Applications Area (WG chairs, RFC authors, former Apps ADs, etc.).